LED Lighting, now bright enough to light up your life.....and save you money!

LED Lighting has become today's new lighting solution, whether it be for the industrial LED lighting, commercial LED lighting or residential LED lighting. LED Lighting has become the solution.

The variety of LED lighting products that is manufactured using LED's have grown immensely over the last couple of years. You can now find LED light in many various products namely LED Strip Lighting, LED Lighting Bulbs, LED Lighting Globes, LED Lighting Fluorescent Tubes, LED Lighting Flood Lights, LED Lighting Downlights, LED Lighting Candles, LED Lighting submersible lights, LED Lighting Garden Lights and many more lighting solutions to suite your requirement.

Whether you are looking for a swimming pool light, street lights, downlights for your home or office, flood lights for private, commercial or Industrial use, wall coloring lights or LED tube lights to replace your fluorescents, we have it all.

LED Lighting is eco-friendly and very efficient. You will save on electricity since the bulbs lasts longer and can operate on much lower temperatures. LED lighting and accessories are used in commercial, industrial and residential applications.

LED Lighting applications:
· Under Cabinet LED Lighting
· Colour Changing Ambient LED Lighting
· Residential Accent LED Lighting
· Garden LED Lighting
· Landscape LED Lighting
· Outdoor Spot LED Lighting
· Office LED Lighting
· Ceiling LED Lighting
· Signage Illumination
· Staircase LED Lighting
· Walkway LED Lighting
· Swimming Pool LED Lighting
· Spa & Jacuzzi LED Lighting
· Water Feature LED Lighting

LED lights are probably the most cost effective energy saving product on the market. Considering the small size of the initial investment when converting your house or office to LED lighting instead of regular light bulbs, the environmental and financial benefits of LED light bulbs are huge. Save literally thousands of Rands on your annual electricity bill whilst reducing your footprint on the environment.

You can be rest assured, when you buy a Change 2 LED product, you getting the highest quality LED product. All our LED Lighting is CE approved and all our products meet the highest requirements worldwide. If you need any advice, assistance or general information regarding LED lighting, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Low power consumption:
The key strength of LED lighting is a reduced power consumption, switching to LED lighting can yield up to 95% saving in electricity charges, causing less C02 emission. A reduction in air-conditioning cost is another benefit of switching to LED lighting as they radiate minimal heat.

As solid-state light sources, LED’s have very long lifetimes and are generally very robust. While incandescent bulbs have an expected lifetime of 1000 hours, LED’s have an expected lifetime of 50 000 hours.

One of the best environmental benefits of LED’s is that they do not contain mercury, and in many countries steps are being taken to replace lead - containing solders with lead-free material.

Low Maintenance:
The long lifetime of LED’s reduces the need to replace failed lamps, this leads to significant maintenance savings.

Radiation Free:
LED’s have no infra-red *warmth) or ultra-violet emissions, making them ideal for specialist applications i.e museums, art galleries, food displays or fridge lighting.

Each of these LED lights is redempt after one year at most. During the renewal year a certain amount is saved annually.

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Safety Tips

Brocken LED Light
The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has issued the following advice on what to do if a low-energy light breaks. View PDF